When someone named me has to run 13.1 miles on Saturday, I do odd things because I feel anxious.  Like instead of stretching and drinking water and packing running pants, I make cakes for Mother's Day.  Cakes to look like zebras to show we are wild about our moms because it's super necessary to always have a theme.  

Let me back up a bit.  

I am running a half marathon on Saturday again which makes me say uffda why? 

And Billy sent out a mass text a couple of weeks ago saying, "We will be doing Mother's Day again!"  To which I said, "I'm gone that weekend!"  To which he said, "I can do it!"  To which I said, "Yes you can!"  All with exclamations of course.   

So there's a party here on Sunday and party we will.  I'll be in a town five hours away until right before so Billy is taking command of the party ship - except for decorations and dessert, those are my domain no matter what.  So last night, I laid out tablecloths and plates and napkins and candy in jars and sprinkles for ice cream sundaes and ran to Home Depot for succulents and made zebra cakes to freeze. 

I welcomed the tasks at hand because when someone named me has to run 13.1 miles on Saturday, I do odd things because I feel anxious. 

Here's the best part about Saturday...my sister-in-law is running the half too.  We did the nine and ten mile long runs together out at the farm and it was fun.  I say fun loosely here because I'm not sure running ten miles on a freshly bladed gravel road is ever in the fun category - loose gravel!  I think I'll change the word to special instead.  Special to have Momma Debi find us on mile six for water with the kids in tow cheering, "Yay!"  Special to have Firecracker finish the last two miles or so with us on her bike.  Special to do something big with my sister-in-law.  

We did the ten miles on the night before her birthday and we were still standing when it was over.  Loose gravel and all.  On Saturday, she'll be way ahead of me and I'll keep looking for her and to her for inspiration.  

And then on Sunday, I'll serve her a piece of zebra cake because she's right up there with one of the best mommas ever.