Who Me?

I've done two ridiculous things today that are totally out of my character.  Number one.  I baked.  Number two.  I ironed. 

First the baking.  I made an angel food cake.  Yes, it was out of a box, but I did have to read the directions and mix it up and pour it and pre-heat the oven and ok fine, it was the easy way. 

I decided to make an angel food cake because I have my grandma's angel food cake pan.  She did not use a box mix and her angel food cakes were simply delightful. 

The whole making of the cake went quite well but really, who can't add water and beat for 1 minute?  I can't give myself too much credit...yet.   

I even poured it into the pan quite nicely.  Again, though, not giving myself credit...yet. 

I was about to throw the box away when I read this.  The part next to "immediately."  I panicked.  A glass bottle?  I don't have one of those.  I was in a fit of being flustered until it dawned on me. 

Hello.  Use this.  Now this is the part of the baking an angel food cake I give myself credit for.  Thinking on my feet and using my resources.  I can say with fairly decent certainty that Grandma did not use this kind of a glass bottle.  But hey, it's a new era! 

Crisis was averted and I was pleased as punch with myself.  Then, I looked to my left and was reminded of why I am not a baker.  I can't imagine what my kitchen would have looked like if it had been from scratch.  You can tell I am definitely not a seasoned pro.  Rookie status for sure. 

While the cake was baking, I ironed the apron I have hanging on the wall.  Yes, I took it down first.  I may be domesticatedly challenged, but I'm not stupid.  Although, a co-workers husband once asked her this about me, "Can she handle boiling an egg?"  I tried not to take offense. 

Anyways, I may be cooking, baking, and ironing challenged, but I am not decorating challenged so I do have a cute ironing board. 

On a side note, I am also not cleaning challenged, in fact, quite the opposite.  I take pride in my cleaning abilities.  But, today?  Today, I tried to clean my wood floors approximately 3.4 times.  I can't for the life of me get them non-streakish!  Then, when I think I have them looking marvelous I walk on it and it's all over with.  Hence the 3.4 times.  I finally decided to quit looking down and to just look up instead.  Therefore the 0.6 of the time that didn't get finished.  

Wow, sidetracked once again.  Back to ironing. 

The only reason I even thought about ironing the apron that hangs on my wall is because Mom said to me last time she was here, "You know Grandma would hate having that apron wrinkled."  To which I said, "Say what?"  To which she said, "Grandma ironed her aprons before she wore them and it would drive her crazy to see that you have hung a wrinkled apron on the wall."  To which I said, "Oh."  

So here I am today, ironing the dang apron.  I wouldn't want to not honor Grandma correctly.  Although, I can't quite believe that a person would iron their apron?!  One more thing to check on the Grandma was Amazing checklist.

I checked on the cake part way through my ironing and thought to myself..."Houston we may have a problem."  There's a reason they tell you to put your rack down all the way.  I'll try and remember to follow that direction next time.  I said a prayer and went back to ironing. 

The little strappy things that tie behind one's back were a bugger, but I'm not a quitter. 

I finished up the apron in just enough time to hear the timer beep for the cake and I was very pleased to see that it did not hit the top of the oven.  Also, I know you are excited to see how that "glass bottle" worked for holding the cake up. 

Pretty good people.  Pretty good.

The apron is ironed and the angel food cake is baked and I have survived both.  My floors are slightly streaky and it is driving me slightly bananas but like I said, my new approach is to just look up unless any of you have any tried and true suggestions to help.  Maybe I will also drink the bottle that is holding the cake up.  That ought to help me not notice the floors so much.



Mom and Brother both have birthdays in February.  I know it's wild.  Both born in the same month; it's like they're related or something.  The family celebrated their birthdays because we're crazy like that.  I have said before and will say again, I am not a cooker.  So, I said I would bring the cake.  Not because I'm a baker, but because a cake is easy to purchase.  And a cake it was.  Yum.  Coldstone.  Yum. 

It was quite the evening.  Brother was in full form and had Dad-o laughing so hard he was crying several times.  Sil, the lovely lady married to Brother, also had a fabulous one liner that is so not appropriate to share.  I just came up with that name, Sil, for the lovely lady married to Brother.  It obviously stands for Sister-in-Law, but I also love the name Sylvia and have always wished there was a Sylvia in my life.  Because wouldn't it be fun to say, "Sylvia, would you like to go shopping?"  or "Hey, Sylvia, that purse is fabulous."  Maybe I'm the only one who has ever thought this.  So, lovely lady who is married to Brother, if I start calling you Sil now, please know where it comes from. 

*Disclaimer :: always = five minutes

I gave Brother a card.  A funny card because in my mind there is no other kind of card.  Well, except I gave Mom a really sentimental card because she's my mom and I heart her.  Not that I don't heart Brother, I'm just not going to get all mushy about it.  This is really more my style. 

Maybe I should start calling Brother something more to the tune of Fart Sniffer.  It has a nice ring to it.  I'm not sure if you have realized this, but I don't exactly act serious very often...unless there's a job to get done.  Then, I'm all business.  Other than that, it's pretty much a gong show.  Case in point.  I was being the vine and Firecracker and Easy Rider were being the monkeys (not much of a stretch for those two) and Mom snapped a picture.  I'm not sure where the bunny ears came from or what their purpose was, but they sure add a nice touch.   

I feel a little fruit-ay this fine evening.  I just spent some time with my good friend who I call Kern.  Her and I are such a good pair that we are not a good pair.  I'm pretty sure her husband views me as the bad news friend.   Anyways I said to Kern, "Where does ________ live?"  She looks at me and says "In his house."  Kern, I needed an evening of fruit-ay-ness with you.  Thank you. 

Since I appear to be trying to win "The Most Random Train of Thoughts" award, why not add that I have become a bit of a fabric floozy.  Seriously, I love fabric.  I picked this up on Saturday and I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I think it's going to involve a hot glue gun and that's always a good time. 

Alright, that ought to do it for now.  If you are still reading this you deserve an award for putting up with my fruit-ay-ness.


Relationship Ended

I have officially ended a toxic relationship.  Oprah would be so proud of me.  The relationship was just not in my best interests.  I felt like I was always the one giving.  Plus, I just plain got sick of having something so demanding in my life. 

That's right people.  I have ended my toxic relationship with...

Are you ready to hear who? 

I know it's killing some of you. 

Alright, here's the deal.  I've ended my toxic relationship with the gas pump.  It's over.  I filled my gas tank last Wednesday and guess what?  I just now filled it again.  I made it a whole week on one tank.  Gone are the days of filling up three times a week.    

I feel like a cleansed person having cut this toxic thread out of my life.  There's more time and green in my life.  I won't be sharing any of that green with you all, but here's some other green for you to enjoy.     

And who knows?  Now that I have rid myself of my toxic relationship with the gas pump, the one where I was always giving and it was always demanding, maybe I'll have the time to find a real relationship.  


The Amazing Couple

These two are The Amazing Couple.  Not to be mistaken with The Amazing Race; although, I'm pretty sure they could do some serious damage on that little show.  I've known Kenz since high school and I've always enjoyed her company.  She's one of those people that has a fun spark.  The man she has snagged, BQ, is no different.  BQ, if you are reading this, I'm sorry but I think I will always call you BQ.  Why?  Because it's fun to say.  BQ was completely cooperative and even participated in some silliness. 

This past Saturday we took some snaps for their "Save the Date" cards.  It was straight up blizzarding outside so we started in my dining room.  At one point, I was laying on my kitchen floor sliding around trying to get the right angle.  I don't know what you all like to do on your Saturdays but that is my idea of a dang good time.  I'm thinking my dining room will get more use as a studio than as an eating place!  We did brave the blizzard to grab some out of doors shots and boy am I glad we did.  Kenz and BQ were troopers and I truly loved working with them.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.  I'm not going to show any of the fun ideas we did for their actual cards because I shall not be a surprise ruiner!  Later.  Those will come later.  After they have the real deals sent out. 

Ok since I already showed this one in my sneak peak, I'm going to post it again.  This was Kenz's idea and I LOVE it!  Good call Kenz.  Good call. 

Kenz and BQ -- May you enjoy your pictures and keep rocking the world with your sparks and goodness! 

House of Amy

So these are not the greatest quality pictures as it was kind of dark and I don't have a wide angle lens.  Therefore, the pictures are close up of things because I can't get far enough away.  I really need that wide angle lens.  Would anyone like to donate?  Maybe you could write it off as a charitable contribution on your taxes?  Check into it and let me know. 

Also, I feel a little weird about posting pictures of my house.  I'm just being honest; I can't decide if it's smart or not.  If you want to see more, you will just have to come and visit! 

Without further ado...some random pictures of the House of Amy.  This is my most favoritest little orange bench in the whole planet.  It was in the house when I looked at it and I convinced the previous owners it liked it's little spot and needed to stay!  It's right when you walk in the front door. 

This is in a weird non-spot; it's not the living room and it's not the dining room.  This floral fabo chair is also something that loved its home too much to go, so the previous owners let it stay. 

A living room shot.  See this is where a wide angle lens would have really come in handy!  C'mon you know you want to donate one. 

A not very good shot of the dining room but you can kind of get the idea. 

A little more dining room.  The rug also didn't want to leave and who am I to argue.  Yes rug, you can stay and live with me.  I know I am way more fun than those other people anyway. 

The purpose of this shot is that the ceiling is all wood!  Love it.  Also, those are some antiques from my grandma and grandpa.  The picture hung in their dining room for as long as anyone can remember and the apron...I don't even have words for the apron.  I realize it might be odd to hang an apron on the wall but it makes me smile everytime I walk by it. 

A view into the kitchen. 

The same view into the kitchen with one of the pocket doors partially closed.  One of my favorite features of the whole place.  I think I can have Dad-o cook a lovely meal and I will hide him the kitchen while my guests and I enjoy.  I am not a cooker.  I will just say that right now.  Pocket doors = a chance at having a dinner party.  My only other plan is to serve macaroni and cheese.  Any takers?   

Guest bathroom.  I would have loved to have shown more, but...you've got it.  Wide angle lens is needed. 

Into the master bathroom.  If you turn left right before the tile starts, you will stumble into my walk in closet! 

A rug and the floor.  I just love to state the obvious. 

A shot of the living room ceiling.  That wood makes my heart go pitter patter. 

Ok that's enough.  Again, I feel a little strange about this post.  Number one, I don't want anyone to think I'm being a "look at me...look at me."  That is so not my thing at all.  I've just had a lot of people requesting some photos so I'm obliging.  Number two, I don't know it just feels weird.  There I said it.  Now I'll go on with my life.  Please stop by and see me!  Unless you are a creepa...then I don't want to see you. 


Living the Dream

Whenever people ask me how I'm doing, my automatic response is, "Well, just living the dream."  I figure in the whole grand scheme of things, I probably really am living the dream.  Are there things I wish that were different about my life?  Sure, who doesn't.  But, 92% of life is a little bit better than fabulous. 

Now that I have moved 96% of life is a little bit better than fabulous.  One percent for having a garage.  Seriously, I forgot just how amazing that really is.  One percent for no longer putting on approximately 100 miles a day.  One percent for not dishing out the dough to pay for those 100 miles.  Finally, one percent because I love my new digs.  So, now I really am living the dream. 

I saw enough of the above cardboard to last me a long time; I hate all things messy and all things clutter so the boxes were quick to go away.  On moving day, I had more help than I have quite possibly had at one time in my whole life.  At one point, I walked outside of the new digs and saw this.  Then I broke into singing "Hallelujia, hallelujia, hallelujia" and I'm sure the new neighbors took note. 

That would be Dad-O, Uncle T., and Brother (hiding behind Dad-o) all shoveling away.  I have been a shoveling fool for the last two years and this was a sight for sore eyes. 

The shoveling men was a sight for sore eyes, not Uncle T.  I wouldn't want there to be any confusion or his head to get any larger than it already is.  I think deep down Dad-o is quite excited about this move, even though he's trying his hardest to look like this moving is serious business.  And, really what a nice brotherly moment this is.  I'm sure there is nothing they would have rather been doing.  I wonder if it brought them back to all the work they did as younguns?  There was no screaming or fighting so probably not.   

I'm sure my new neighbors were wondering what kind of a redneck was moving in when they saw the caravan of five vehicles and the good ol' Gooseneck truck pulling in.  I moved in record time though and for that I'm very thankful.  Doesn't that American flag just give this picture it's pop?   

Uncle T. brought both of his boys along to help with the moving and here is one of them modeling the nice Coors Rodeo hat I won in a contest one night.  And, that's all I'm going to say about that.  

After I snapped this photo, I was told it was time for me to get to work.  What?  I can't just stand around and take pictures while everyone carries everything in?  How rude.  I put the camera down and commenced to unpacking.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of things like Easy Rider and Firecracker running laps in the unfinished basement.  But, those things will have to be pictures in my mind.  Moving day was a crazy, fun event and I'm extremely thankful for all the wonderful help! 


A Sneak

Today was the day. 
The day my dining room became a studio. 
The day it blizzarded yet again. 
The day of MH and BQ's "Save the Date" session.
The day of success even in a dining room. 

Here's a little sneak peak of the goodness they brought.  It's very fitting for the eve of Valentine's Day and it really ought to make your heart happy.  Plus, a pinging side note by yours truly, don't you really wish you had the initials BQ?  I mean seriously...how fun is that? 

Coming soon to a computer screen near you.
The rest of MH and BQ and that ever elusive moving post. 
Be prepared.  Be very prepared.