A senior who likes track and his tattoo.  A senior who wanted laid back pictures.  A senior who will be successful in life.  That's Cody!   



If you are in need of a smile today, look no further.  I keep going back to these snaps of the little one from this family session.  She seriously might be one of the most hilarious little people I've met in awhile.  And, one of the cutest too!  

Her mom told her to show me her muscles and this is what happened. 

Are you smiling yet? 

Maybe even laughing?

These are some serious one year old muscles and if I'm ever needing a smile, I know I can just pull these snaps up and I'm guaranteed at least one. 

Serious muscles and serious cuteness.  How did I get so lucky to get to capture these moments?! 


Sister Pister...I Feel Old

Sister Pister started school today.  Her first day of her junior year of high school.  I feel old.  I remember when she was born.  I was ten.  She had this head of curly black hair and the chubbiest cheeks ever.   

And, I was beyond thrilled to have a baby sister.  I'd always dreamed of having a little sister and I could not believe it had finally come true.  Sister Pister was a hilarious toddler; she was used to mingling among Brother and I and our friends so she acted more like a middle schooler than a three year old.  Complete with bouts of swearing like holding a snake by the front door when she was three and saying, "Mom, let's go scare the he** out of Amy!"  She knew I despised snakes and wanted to show me up because she was not afraid. 

She also has always had a strong sense of who she is and has always been willing to blaze her own trail.  I admire her self confidence and it has always been a wonder to me how she achieved that elusive "knowing who are" at such a young age. 

Her and I are extremely different people.  I'm a planner.  She's a fly by the seat of her pants kind of gal.  I'm a neat freak.  She is cluttered.  I'm a worrier.  She knows things will all work out.  I'm high strung {that might be an understatement}.  She is calm, cool, and collected.  I stick my foot in my mouth on a regular basis.  She thinks before she speaks.  

But, even with all of those differences, we are still close.  Sure, she might drive me crazy with her constant use of "Amy, seriously, just calm down...it will be fine."  But, I still love her. 

Because there are some commonalities between us too.  We are both stubborn, hard working, like to laugh, and even more than that, like to make others laugh. 

I guess that's the thing about sisters.  Even though we can fight with the best of them, at the end of the day, I know she will always have my back and I will always have hers.  There's no one else I'd rather call sister.   

So, she started her junior year of high school today.  We have always joked that I would be an old lady when she graduated high school...a whopping 30.  Back then, it seemed like she would always be the little one and the day would never come when we were both adults. 

But, it's creeping up fast.  Real fast.  I guess I better exercise all of the "I'm older and wiser and know better" power over her while I can.  Even though this look she is giving her horse because he wouldn't cooperate, is the exact look I receive when I try to give her advice.  

My only hope is that she will relish every moment of the last two years of her childhood and live it to the fullest.  Who am I kidding?  Of course she will.  It's what she has always done.  Gone full speed ahead. 


Two Pack

This two pack of kids is soon to become a three pack.  Real soon.  Alivia and Heath will be welcoming a new baby sibling in their family any day now.  Alivia and Heath's mom and dad wanted some memories of the two pack so we spent a little time on a lovely morning to do just that.  Heath was not so much thinking I was funny or entertaining at all, but we still managed to get some keepers.  And, it was just a short and sweet session which is always nice for the littles. 

Alivia and Heath's mom and I are forever friends because I can not remember a time in my life where she wasn't a part of it.  And, she looks amazing for being nine months pregnant!  

I'm excited to meet the newest addition to this family and glad I could capture some memories of the two pack on a beautiful morning. 


Summer Night

A warm, tad humid summer evening creates this almost hazy syrupy light from the sun.  Really, it's a beautiful thing, that syrupy light.  This family lucked out because on the evening of their photo shoot, that's exactly what we had going on.  And, this family is kind of part of my family.  Heather is Sil's sister so she's the sister of my sister-in-law.  Which makes Kent the brother-in-law of my sister-in-law.  And, the kids are cousins to my niece and nephews.  You have that?  I sure hope so.  Anyways, it made for a comfortable session with everyone just being themselves.  That plus the syrupy light made for some prettaay snaps. 

These are some of my favorites.  Although, this slight collection doesn't even put a dent in it...let's just say we took a plethora of pictures.  Hard not to when this is what you are dealing with.

 All four kids were extremely well behaved and are beautiful! 

 In fact, this little one just might have a future in modeling.  I think I could do a whole post just on her many expressions! 

I can't imagine it's always easy to have four kids, but these two parents seem to embrace the busy that comes along with having lots of littles running around. 

Having a sister is such a blessing and these two are already on the path to having a forever bond...because that's what sisters have. 

And, this light?!  This light would make me take a picture of a snake.  And, I loathe snakes so that means a lot.  I wish it was this way every evening. 

So this family that is kind of in my family is a good lot and I'm so glad I could help them create some moments!