We Brunch Now

What better way to celebrate the clear photographs than to throw a Saturday morning glitter brunch?  Although, I'm still experiencing some technical difficulties but let's talk about glitter and pretty things and heart happy moments for a minute.  For two reasons.  Number one being I'm about to go bananas because when a girl like me has a certain picture saving, backing up, editing, and sharing flow and a wrench is thrown into the mix by some setting here or a code there, it gets interesting.  Number two being you cannot go wrong with sparkle and shine and all things glitter.  Ever. 
I do believe in parties.  Parties make the world go around.  Even if throwing one means you stay up until 1:30 in the morning the night before doing things like finally tackling hanging a picture gallery wall which you've been stalling on for months and writing where each fruit goes on the painted and glittered table runner because that really matters...they are worth it. 

Worth it.  Because the next morning when the sun is streaming in your windows and you hear all of your people laughing and visiting and knee slapping, your heart will be happy. 

If a yogurt bar and too many cups of good coffee with a splash of mimosa can do that, then by all means, I say party. 

And I must add this. 
When you get to see the sweet little nugget who has your best friend for a mother, you will want to bite his cheeks. 

Then you will get a tad teary eyed at seeing the woman who you have been through so much with be a mom.  A real mom.  One who warms up milk and who wipes up spit-up and who loves unconditionally. 

Teary eyed I was.  Because I'm not sure I could have imagined us sitting around a glitter brunch, sipping coffee, and talking about big kid things when we were going through those crazy years, like errrrrr, that time in college when we ended up being thrown into the "J" word and then that other time when a pumpkin rotted in our dorm room or that other time when we threw our stuff in the car and headed down the open road yet again because that's just what we did back then. 

But just look at how we all turned out, I mean we do things like brunch now.  You can't get much more mature than that. 


Frustration Station

I haven't been using this space for some time now and here's why...
Because I was having technical difficulties.  Total frustration on my part.  As in, my pictures were appearing in a not high quality state and I'm not a fan of anything under what it should be when it comes to photographs.
I avoided the situation because technology and I are not the best of friends.  When I struggle with something, I tend to avoid it.  Thinking and hoping maybe it will resolve itself in a magic wand poof style or that an email to my ever technology whiz cousin Brian will make it happen for me. 
But just like any other little life lesson, it taught me something about myself.  I have to get over that business and tackle the problem instead.  I'm a good tackler in most areas of my life but have a few which I don't get after as well.  I pushed myself tonight to sit down and at least try to find the issue.   
There was much clicking and viewing this picture versus this picture and saying, "Why!  Why are they clear as a bell from the folder on my computer and blurry as blur on my blog?"  And much frustration on my end, but finally I hit the ding ding!   
Now, after finding the culprit (or at least what appears to me as the culprit), settings are being readjusted as I write this and I'm more than crossing my fingers it will work. 
I know this space doesn't really matter in the big scheme of life but I kind of like using my pictures and weaving words together.  I've been missing here. 
Writing and photography both fuel this soul of mine...  
"Words are like eggs.  When they are hatched, they have wings."  
Madagascar Proverb

If you want, cross your fingers with me.  Then we can stress and care about this silly little space together.  It'll be fun.  I just know it will be.  Lemons turned to lemonade.  Or something like that. 


Sum It Up

I became the proud new owner of a pair of pants this week.  They were a hand me down which is probably a sign they are not in style but I tend to go with not matching, not in style types of looks.  The pants would likely be considered cheetah or some other form of large cat to most.  

But the whole time I was wearing them, all I could think of was I look like I'm wearing a Shorthorn cow.  

Maybe that's the farm girl coming out in me.  To refer to a pattern on pants as Shorthorn cow. 

Also this week, I gave the big ol' snow pile in my yard a hiney tap and a kiss to send it on its way.  Love a duck, it is time for Spring to spring already! 

Today, I wore a skirt to school.  One which would likely be considered mustard yellow to most.  

But the whole I was wearing it, all I could think of was I am wearing calf scours yellow on my bottom half.  

Please tell me you have seen calf scours before.  If you haven't, you've really missed out on an experience which will mold your life.    

Again, the farm girl in me. 

So to sum it all up...

My fashion of late is Shorthorn cow hide and calf scours yellow and I'm way over the snow. 


Clean Cookies

Snow day around these parts today.  I think it probably is more of an ice day but I'm not the expert on those kinds of things.  I just know my phone rang at 5 something this morning with a recording of something to the effects of there's no school today so wear your pajamas until 10:20 am, write a blog post about oatmeal and raisin cookies you made, drink too much coffee, and...
Well, really it just said no school. 
Here's what is not nice about a snow day, you have to make it up. 
Here's what is nice about a snow day, it's not a planned day off so all of the laundry and cleaning and organizing and other getting stuff done that is usually saved for those days off...is well...done. 
This morning I tried out a recipe I found on Pinterest.  And it is a win.   
Basically, you take 2 large too ripe bananas and 1 cup of quick oats and mash them together.  You might have to add a little more oats because all bananas are not created equally. 
That's the base of the cookie and anything could be added after the initial mix.  Chocolate chips, chopped up walnuts, cinnamon, tiny apple pieces, raisins, etc...  Whatever your heart desires.  I added a quarter cup of raisins to mine. 
Then make sure you grease your cookie sheet because caked on oatmeal is about as fun to clean up an entire bowl of popcorn spilled on the floor of your car.   
Drop cookies and slightly smash down with fork.  I made 15 cookies. 
Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes and then place the cookies on either parchment paper or a wire rack so they don't get soggy while they cool. 
But I recommend eating one or two while they are warm.  Delicious. 
If you make fifteen cookies, each one has 37 calories.  That's figured with the raisins added.  If you added other things, it would change.  Stating the obvious there.
I enjoyed two this morning with my third cup of coffee, they filled me right up and are still sticking two and a half hours later.  That's a winner of a breakfast. 
I know these will also come in quite handy when I have that I'm so hungry I might eat my own hand feeling. 
Hand...handy...I'll stop now.