Hartland Showdeo

A few weeks ago, before the shop cleaning and the wine drinking, my family hosted a showdeo at the farm arena.  A showdeo is a kid rodeo that consists of events such as barrel racing, pole bending, flag race, keyhold, and a stick horse race.  Usually at showdeos the kids have to be able to ride the horse themselves in order to participate, but Sil had an idea to have a fun day for kids who aren't quite ready to handle the horse all by themselves yet.  So, she enlisted Momma Debi in the plan and their wheels started turning and a planning they went and pretty soon we were all involved. 

I have to admit, at first, I was thinking Momma Debi had gone a little off her rocker with all that she was planning; she really got into it.  Sound system, grand entry, lunch, numbers, porta potty, medals, programs...she took it serious for the littles.  But, it turns out she was right on her rocker, becuase it was one of the best days ever.  A day that made you appreciate where we live and a day that made you realize that you can't get much better than farm kids.  A day that made your heart happy. 

Cousin B and Pic made the medals to be given out as awards and they were seriously cute.  The same logo was carried over to the programs. 

Sister Pister was the official flag runner during the Star Spangled Banner.  A perfect way to start the festivities.  There is something about seeing a flag flowing behind a running horse that will give you goosebumps.  At least it does for me without fail. 

The morning started off with the stick horse race. 

Then, the kids climbed up on their real horses for the rest of the events.  Or, they borrowed one of Sister Pister's three big guys to use if they didn't have a horse of their own.  Some kids were led, some rode by themselves, some rode with Mom behind them {with the most cute way of hanging on ever}.  It was all just for fun. 

And, sometimes doing an event was just better when your friends were with you.  Nothing like three little girls on one pony to make you smile. 

I dare to say that there are few things that make Dad-o more happy than when he can provide a way for kids to have fun and start going after their dreams.

Brother announced for the day and I think it says a lot that Dad-o and Brother both took the morning off of work to help.  They even had the summer crew there helping set up and take down.  It's a busy time of year for them, but they put it to rest so they could enjoy a morning of seeing smiles on kids' faces. 

Pic and Beaner happened to be staying at the farm that week too, and they were a huge help.  Pic is a fabulous organizer/planner and she jumped right in helping to make sure everything was set up and ready to go.  Then, she went on Little Man duty for the morning.  I don't think she minded. 

How could you mind when he just might be the cutest baby cowboy ever.  Sil planned for the potluck lunch and let's just say nobody went hungry.  She's good at stuff like that.  Now, if the food would have been left up to me, I would have handed everyone a packet of pop-tarts and sent them on their way.

Really, I was just in charge of taking the pictures.  I took over 400 pictures.  Yes, I sure did.  Hard not to keep snapping when you have so many perfect moments.  And, I've said it before and I'll say it again, kids and horses are just good for the soul

These are three of Sister Pister's big boys that Easy Rider, Firecracker, and their cousin are on.  All three of those horses have hearts like you wouldn't believe.  When Sister Pister gets on them, they are fired up and ready to go, but as soon as you set a kid up on their saddle, they put their head down and you can tell they know they are carrying precious cargo. 

Sister Pister gave her time and horses that day so that other kids could start their love for horses just like she started when she was just a bitty thing.  I think that's one of the best things...when you can share your love of something with others.

During the "award" ceremony, the kids were all so excited to get their very own medal.  Probably the highlight of the day for some of them.  :) 

Everyone had to pick rock in the arena before they could eat their lunch.  Dad-o runs a tight ship like that.  Nothing like learning early that you play hard but you work hard too. 

Lunch was a time of picnics, dirty little faces {some of the best kind}, grandmas loving seeing their grandbabies' faces light up, and friends catching up on some visiting. 

After lunch, the kids and ponies tore around and had a blast.  I wish you could hear the laughter. 

And, Easy Rider took his gate job as serious as birthday cake at a birthday party. 

Firecracker ended up getting bucked off a pony and then ran over by the little pony.  She is such a tough little thing, she popped right up, was all covered in dirt and mad as a little wet hen because her medal broke.  Firecracker got a new medal, had a little drink of juice, and was good as new.  She even was proud as punch to run to her auntie to tell her she had been bucked off. 

It only took a few minutes before Firecracker was chomping at the bit to get back on.  She had to be patient and wait her turn.  Good thing she had Beaner to visit with. 

Momma Debi is the grandma with a plan.  Many kids besides Firecracker, Easy Rider, and Little Man call her "Grandma Debi" and there's a reason for that.  She is so loving and giving and just wants to make sure that kids get to have experiences they will remember forever.  Mission accomplished. 

It was a great morning.  One that will be repeated next summer because the smiles and laughs from the kids were priceless.  And, I think the parents' smiles were just as big.   


Anonymous said...

Love it.

Debi said...

Amy, thanks for the post and pictures of the Showdeo. What a great day! Thank you to Summer too for the orginal idea of a little showdeo. And thank you to everyone who made it such a sucess.
Momma Debi

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until next year!