Making the Time

After a two second phone call to my friend Danae, I quickly went through the drive through at Sbux to order some tea for us.  She wanted iced and I was in for something hot to fix up this sore throat I've been fighting.

"Does your Chai tea have sugar in it?"

"Yes.  Lots."

"Okay.  Ummmm...what other kind of tea is yummy?"

"Well, what kind of tea are you wanting?  An herbal, a black, a green?"

"A kind without junk in it."

"I get you.  Go with something that sounded like Rooby-boo."

"Sounds great.  Sign me up for a grande one of those."

While I waited for the iced tea to be done, the Sbux guy and I had a nice quick little exchange about how the whole non-fat with no whip thing is really off the mark.  In his words, "The loads of sugar added is what will turn to fat."  And then I mentioned something about my philosophy of if it came from the ground or had a mother, I'll eat it.

Insert blank stare from him.

Followed by, "I'm a vegetarian."

"Well I guess we don't agree on everything do we?!"

We laughed and decided to each their own is probably fitting and once both teas were in my car, I drove away to meet Danae and her two little girls at dance class.

I was about a half an hour late so Emma Jean was already being a dancing machine in the studio.  Danae and I visited about their latest to trip to Rochester for Emma's appointments while Autumn was perched on her hip eating dried blueberries.  Somewhere in the midst of talking and glancing through the window to watch the action, Emma turned around and caught sight that I had made it to see her.

The grin which exploded on her face was priceless.  She stood that way for what seemed like eternity, but I'm sure it was simply seconds.  Her eyes on my eyes.  Grinning.

And just like that, there it was again.  The good stuff of life.  Standing in a crowded hallway in a dance studio talking to my best friend while her baby eats dried blueberries and her three year old taps her toes on the wood floor.  All the while, knowing those little girls already understand how important they are to me.  The grin and eye locked moment shared said it all. 


Billy Mills said...

She's so so cute!

Danae said...

She loves her "Auntie" Amy so much!! BTW, that picture will be on canvas on my wall! It is so cute!!

Amy said...

Have to love the iPhone camera...it really can capture some moments. :)