Good Old Fashioned Storytime!

I returned home Thursday night after a three day travel training bender that went something like this - this town and then this town and then this town.  Get out of the car and talk for hours and get back in the car.  Give a high five and a smile.  

My sister-in-law sent me a text right when I was finishing up the last workshop on home day that went something like this, "Could you pick up juice boxes for George's Halloween party at Sam's?"  

Then the next thing I knew I was flying through the aisles at Sams with the sudden inspiration to get the supplies to enjoy a cheese plate on the drive home.  It was home day!  The sun was shining!  It was afternoon instead of night!  There were lots of old people sharing the aisles with me!  I mean, all kinds of reasons to celebrate.  

So cheese plate on the way home I did, with a scrounged up festive football plate from the backseat of the car along with my lime green paring knife - yes I have these items on hand.  That work car and me?  We be best friends these days.  Even better of best friends now that we have shared a cheese plate together with the sun shine shining.  

Anyways, I have a point to being home on Thursday night and having something happen and now I will get to it.  My cousin Buckshot (Austin) who now lives at the farm in a shop loft thing called me right as I was putting on striped leggings to the soundtrack of the Counting Crows station playing on Pandora through the air of my house. 

"What are you doing right now Amy?"  

"Just got home...(enter cautious answers)...why?  What's up?"  

I say enter cautious answers because you just never know what you are getting yourself into when a call comes from someone like Austin or when a call comes from the farm.  There was a time in my life when a call meant I would more than likely rip clothes on barbwire or have shoes covered in cow poop or be riding in the tandem truck with no brakes with a stranger driving in the near future.  I still hang on to some of the cautiousness.  I'm sure you understand.

"I need you to drive my pickup across town."  That's what I heard from Austin.  

"Okay I can do that."  

And then.  Then I found myself driving my cousin's rather large diesel pickup with all kinds of young man kind of bells and whistles, "Is this window tint legal anyways?  I feel like I'm tiny in here."  He sat in the passenger seat as he stammered along filling me in on why I was driving.   

"Well, here's the thing.  We are going to repossess a car in this trailer court because I didn't think the guy would just hand me the keys so I didn't plan properly.  I figured I would have to come back tomorrow with a trailer and winch it on.  Stammer.  Stammer.  Sideways look at me to see if I was turning around yet.  But he was nice and he gave me the keys so you're going to drop me off there and then I'll park the car at your house and my dad's guy from work will pick it up tomorrow and drive it back to where it belongs."  

Silence.  A what the hell sideways look from me.  

"Ummmm.  Say what now?  I'm taking you to repossess a car?!  Like what if he ends up shooting us?  You're parking it at my house?!  He is going to follow us and then when you leave he will get me.  That's what is going to happen right now!  Okay wait.  You repossess cars?  I'm confused."  

This really happened.  I really drove Austin down to the trailer park in his young man bells and whistles style diesel pickup and gave him the drop off wave as the man whose car was being repossessed stood on his deck and waved.  Waved and gave a friendly little smile.  

The following items also really happened.  I looked behind me several times on the way home to make sure I wasn't being followed.  I can be dramatic remember?  I also made Austin park the car way down on the street so no one could really tell which house it was tied to.  And I also checked out the window several times that entire night thinking please don't let this turn into an episode of Cops.  I don't want to be on Cops.  Ever.  

All ended well.  

So now I can say I have been in on repossessing a car.  And as a disclaimer, I know some could take it as a slam when I say that it happened in a trailer park but it really did and in our town currently those tend to be rather rough because of the great flood of 2011.  It just needed to be documented correctly.  No harm or judgement intended.  

Also I want to say bathrooms that shine like this when you walk into them keep someone like me entertained on a Friday night.  Even causing me to grab an arm to pull back through the door to say, "Look at this?!  It's so sparkly."  Only to have him answer, "The men's looks the same."  

Only to have me answer, "And you didn't stand there and enjoy it for a few minutes?"   

Plus, I've repossessed a car.  That just sounds bad-ass.  Technically I didn't actually repossess it, but I sure did drive the getaway car and that totally counts. 

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