Fabric and Slipper/Shoes

Mom, Sister Pister, and I went to Bismarck today just for a little girls day of fun.  Well actually, I really wanted to go to a quilt shop there.  Never thought I would want to do that in a million years, but I think I've been bitten by that darn fabric bug.  Seriously, who knew there are so many interesting, vintage inspired fabrics out there...love it! 

Before Christmas, I'd done some online shopping at Anthropologie, which is a store that is not located within 500 miles of me (that's a good thing...I could do serious damage).  While browsing, I came across a table runner that I fell in love with.  I figured that my amazing, quilting mom and my not so amazing, quilting self could whip one up very similar for a much cheaper price. 

Mom is also working on a special t-shirt quilt project right now that she needed some fabric for, so we both had perfect reasons that we HAD to go the Quilt Haus.  Now as for Sister Pister, I'm not sure what her perfect reason for going with us was, other than she wanted to look at some prom dresses.  Sneaky little thing. 

We arrived at the quilt store that is actually quite the charming, old house with quarter sawn oak all throughout and a hot pot of coffee brewing at all times.  Perfect place to spend a blustery winter day.  After several hours, like enough hours that I ended up helping other customers because I became that familiar with the fabrics, both mom and I found what we needed.  This is the odd mix of vintage inspired fabrics I chose for my table runner. 

It's unique that's for sure, but I think it is the perfect combination of "vintage, country, with a touch of modern" that is my decorating style.

And this, well this is going to be the Christmas table runner that I had no intention of ever making, but I just couldn't walk away from these fabrics.  They were inspired by the 1930's Christmas decorations and they were calling my name. 

Seriously, just looking at these makes me think of my grandma. So, these ended up coming home with me too!

Sister Pister was very patient while Mom and I spent too many hours looking at fabric, so we went prom dress shopping.  There was a sign right after the front door of the bridal store that said to kindly remove your shoes before entering.  There was also three pairs of lovely mocassin style slipper/shoes sitting there.  I thought to myself, "Wow, this is really nice that they give you a pair of slipper/shoes to wear while you shop" and promptly slipped my feet into a pair and followed the parade to the back of the store. 

As we were walking down the stairs, I said to the kind sales lady, "I really like these slipper/shoes, I think I want to keep them."  she turns to me with this very puzzled look on her face and says back, "What?"  Then, to my horror, I realized that they weren't the bridal store's slipper/shoes, but rather another customer's slipper/shoes.  Perfect.  There I was, standing on the stairs of a bridal store, wearing someone else's slipper/shoes.  Really?   Mom and Sister Pister just shook their heads and laughed while I quickly kicked off the "stolen" slipper/shoes.  The nice sales lady offered to go put them back and I jumped at her offer.  In my defense though, why were all three of those other customers wearing the same style of slipper/shoes?  It seems odd. 

With the "slipper/shoes incident" and a few prom dresses behind us, we went to eat at Red Lobster with a friend who lives in Bis.  Let's just say the laughter continued...at one point, Sister Pister turned to friend who lives in Bis and said, "Bet you didn't know you were going to get dinner and a show?"  Enough said.


Brittany Miller said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see you quilting!

Studio B said...

This is nicely done.

You have a unique (fun) writing style, that keeps even a trip to Bis interesting. Reminds me of Metigoshe around the camp fire.

Amy said...

Thanks...we all know I love to tell a story! :)

theBrandjords said...

Amy you are as funny as your mom is sweet! Thank you for sharing, you have become an amazing woman. I couldn't help but feel I missed out on so much, so thank you for allowing me to "catch up" and take a sneek peak!
You are extremely talented and very witty, I will come back often. With love your "ex"tra Auntie!!!