Words and Cow Kicking

My little sister had the order of books for her spring semester college classes shipped to my house and I just opened the box.  Love a duck, now I want to be in her classes.  Seriously.  I will be reading a couple of these before she takes them in January.  And then she and I can discuss them in a nerdy literature way and then my heart will be very happy.

My big sister self is immensely proud to know she feels something for words.  It's a bond we are discovering between us; I sense many talks about the message of words and the beauty of their rhythm on the horizon.  With each of us holding a mug of coffee and wearing a thick crocheted scarf because that's how it should be when talking words. 

While we are on the topic of writing, I moved my desk area and it has put a firecracker in my creativity.  Rearranging and creating a different scene always works for me.  I've had the Singer sewing bottom and piece of slate from my grandparents' estate in my garage for two years waiting for the right burst of use.  New work space it is.

This vintage afghan was a find from the Sparrow Mercantile Etsy shop for a more than reasonable price so I checked yes.  Hell yes.   

It arrived in the mail packaged with ribbon and other details; I knew the owner and I were kindred spirits right from first sight of the brown paper.  Then, I opened the afghan up and found this card.  A vintage donkey kicking card.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Donkey kicking and I are tight.  Like leg warmers and yoga pants tight.   

Except now I'm looking at this picture of my donkey kicker and turns out...it's a cow.  So cow kicking it is.   

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