Cookies and Elfing

It's 11:22 on a Wednesday night and I'm currently chanting to myself, "I will not stress about the holidays. I will not stress about the holidays." I'm chanting it as I am feverishly trying to finish projects in my usual bottom of the ninth style. The last three nights have been short. As in so short, it might as well be called napping.
But I'm staying up late and rising early for all the right reasons; not the stress inducing ones. The right reasons of wanting to create gifts of meaning from my heart so I shall remain carefree about this affair.
Besides, I totally could have not waited until this week to truly step to the gift creating plate, it's entirely self induced. It also goes without saying, I'm a sucker for packing my days and nights full of happenings. Because I tend to do my best life living when I'm feeling full. Full of friends and family and pretty things and creating.
Full of Saturday mornings spent drinking coffee, eating homemade blueberry rolls, visiting about the latest, and exchanging cookies to the soundtrack of playing kids in the basement. Danae hosted her first ever cookie exchange and I'm fairly certain it will be put in the tradition box. She even had a door prize; if there ever was a wonder why we are the best kind of friends, it was answered. I wore my festive Christmas socks and a turtleneck and could not have been a happier lark.
In fact, I wish I could go back to that morning right this second so these unfinished projects could be ignored for a few more moments. I best get cracking again though. This elf has to earn her ears.

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