On the Radio and in Real Life Too

On Saturday I sat next to my mom in the combine for a spell.  Side note, I like the saying sit a spell.  Another side note, I didn't get to sit in the seat the entire time.  I spent some time curled up on the floor leaned up against the glass because this little one is something sometimes and she wasn't having sharing that seat.  No she wasn't. 
One last side note, I did the same thing to this one later in the evening.  It only seemed fair.   
Back to the start of it - Momma Debi and I in the combine with dried up sunflowers as our view.  We visited about the mom and daughter life happenings and I tried to listen to the Bison football game at the same time on the radio.  But if I'm being absolutely honest, here's how it went.  Volume up, catch a bit.  Volume down, visit with mom.  Volume up, catch a bit.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 
Which means at one point I sent a text that went like this, "Touchdown!  High five.  Shimmy shake." 
"Wrong team." 
Yep, I am that great at following along and paying attention.  It's a lucky thing he's spent some time with me at the actual games this fall.  As in, he has physically sat next to me as I ping on this and pong on that and don't have the ability to focus on...well...much.  Therefore, my getting the team wrong while listening on the radio?  Didn't faze him a bit.   
"There's my blonde moment for the week." 
"Is this the beginning or the end?" 
He embraces the ridiculousness, adds to it really.  And I sure do enjoy the Bison games more than I ever thought I would.  It might be partly due to theme outfits.  You know how I feel about those. 
Or it mostly is probably, if I'm being absolutely honest again, due to the company I get to keep during them.  His friends are gold I tell you, pure gold.  I guess he isn't too shabby either.  High five.  Shimmy shake. 

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