Stories and Steven

When we were in college, my friend Danae and I watched American Idol religiously.  We lived in the same apartment so it was easy to plan.  Our other roommate did not partake in the fun.  She did not so much care.  But we sure did.  Seriously cared.  Voted and everything.  Carrie Underwood was our favorite ever.  Three days ago, Danae and I watched American Idol together once again.  Only this time, we first had to put her two littles to bed and her husband was watching with us. 

Oh how times change. What once used to be chips, salsa, and margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant before the show is now cut up bananas, sippy cups, and bed time stories by Amy.  Although, EJ actually read her book to me.  She's little Miss Sassafrass.     

Owen was content with me doing the reading.  He's more of a laid back kind of guy. 

After their individual stories, I read a few excerpts from their children's Bible.  I think I learned a few things from this.  Blake {the dad} says he's going to buy me a children's Bible for my birthday.

Definitely a different American Idol pre-game than the college days, but it's a kind of change that is a good thing.  Although, at one point earlier in the evening when I was in EJ's room playing babies with her, I yelled to Danae in the living room, "Hey, do you remember when we were going to live right next to each other and have deck parties and rich husbands?"  She replied, "Yes.  Yes I do.  Ummm, yeah...something went wrong there."

But neither one of us would trade our lives right now.  Our friendship is just different than those college days.  We talk about real issues and have real problems and she has more responsibility than I can dream of.  I have a hard time taking care of myself sometimes, I can't imagine having all of those eyes, ears, noses, and  fingers and toes under my care.

So every time we can get together to watch the good ol' American Idol, it's like taking a step back.  Back to the time when we had only classes, papers, and minor bills to worry about.  Back to the time when she and Blake were just dating; not married folk sitting next to each other in recliners.  Back to the time when I did not clean my floor everyday.  Wait.  I think I did that even back then.  Maybe back to the time when I used to think it was totally fine to go out four or five days a week.  There we go.  I don't do that anymore.  See, I have changed.  I have grown up. 

And I will say...some things never change.  We all still laughed a ridiculous amount.  Danae still voted.  Blake still shook his head at us.  I still said things that didn't quite make sense.  Ryan Seacrest is the still the host.    

BUT.  Let me tell you this.  Some things on American Idol have also changed for the bett-er.  Case in point.  Steven Tyler as a judge.  For some reason, I find him oddly attractive.  Danae and I both used to find Simon rawr worthy, but she does not share my Steven feelings.  I just can't imagine why.  He's got that something something.  It's more in his demeanor than his looks.   

Yes, please walk this way Steven. 

And one more time. 

American Idol with forever friends after playing with and reading stories to their littles?  I'd say that's a bonus points way to spend a Wednesday evening.


Danica said...

What is it with Steven Tyler? Alot of my coworkers are hot-n-bothered for him too. I'm on Danae's side. I don't get it. I do get that her little ones are adorable! :)

Amy said...

I think it's his rock star persona with a side of humble pie that he so eloquently delivers. Yep. That's what I'm going with. It's also in his body language. haha! :)