Smile for the Little Things

Three things that made me smile...

Spending a few quiet moments with Sil at their house visiting between Easter festivities.  With my niece's pretty head on my lap and another pair of little boy feet dangling close by.  Both wanting their backs scratched.  All the while, knowing the littlest one is sleeping soundly in the other room.       

Hearing, "Amy, you have to have an egg!  You need to take the yion egg!" as hands reach up to mine followed with a dimpled smile that could melt anyone's heart.

Driving on a Sunday.  Anywhere.  Because the countdowns are playing on the radio.  Countdowns playing on the radio remind me of the 80s and the 80s remind me of a time of listening in the backseat not having a care in the world.  Add to that nostalgic feeling, driving to the farm to spend the afternoon with the rest of my family and it's a double win. 

Never mind the train in the background or the dusty dash.  Those do not actually make me smile.  But, I'm trying to learn to appreciate the bigger picture.  Not care about a minor detour here or a little mess there. 

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