We are all breathing again...

Dad-o just texted.  That sentence in itself is something I never thought I would say but he's really getting with the times.  Anyway, he texted and said the surgery was "highly successful." 

Then Dad-o called because I texted back and told him that just wasn't enough information for me.  He said the Dr. said it was thyroid cancer for sure. He took out all of her thyroid and about a half dozen lymph nodes that had grown to the size of a thyroid (very enlarged). They tested all of the lymph nodes and it was all thyroid cancer that was spreading quickly; however, it is not any other kind which is a good thing. The Dr. is 99 percent positive he was able to get it all out. She will go back in 6-8 weeks for radiation treatment to ensure it is all knocked out. Her prognosis is good. He was able to peel the tumor away from her voice box/chords so he is confident her voice will be ok! Also, he was able to peel away the tumor from the nerves and arteries so all is great there too.

Basically it went as well as we have all hoped and prayed for. Yes, her journey with this is not finished, but it is a step in the right direction. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. We all appreciate it so much!

Mom should be up in her room in a little bit and Dad-o said her nurse is an "Irish gal who is all dressed up in St. Patty's gear. She'll be fun."  Of course, he would notice this.  =]

Never have I been more glad for five things.  One, the amazing medical care available at Mayo; her Dr. is the head of his department and he is fabulous.  Two, that Dad-o started texting a few weeks ago; he kept me updated all day at work with each bit of information he received.  Three, that I (and the rest of my family) made the leap to put this struggle out there; I fully believe in my bones that all of you praying had a hand in every complicated aspect of this going so well.  Four, that my Mom will be here.  Five, that my Mom will be talking while she is here.

As Mom continues on this journey, I only hope that it continues to be "highly successful."     

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Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS!!!! Glad to hear everything went well.