Libby Shine On

If you will remember from Libby's sneak peak, she pretty much is a little bit better than fabulous.  I told Libby about a half an hour into our session, "Here's the deal.  You don't have to worry about looking ridiculous around me because I tend to pull that off on a regular basis.  So by all means, just let go and have some fun!"  And then I proceeded to show her some of my dance moves and I yelled loudly to the open air and after that I think she realized that she did indeed not have to worry about being herself around me. 

These pictures capture Libby.  Being who she is. 

If there would be one gem of wisdom I could put in the ears of these teenage girls I have the privilege to hang out with for brief moments, it would be this...

Don't ever let anyone make you feel like you can't be yourself.  Because if you like to dance in hay fields and yell things to the air, then you should do that.  And not care one iota about what someone might think or say. 

Because it's our quirks that make us who we are.  If you lose your quirkiness, then you've lost an essential essence of you.  So be different.  Be a little crazy.  Step out there and don't be afraid to put yourself in the attention.  We have to be our own best friend and our own number one cheerleader.   

Let that fabulous-ness lead you.  And believe me, you have it.   I guarantee the world will be your oyster.


Ambra Premo said...

Love your blog, Miss Amy...your words, photos and face are absolutely beautiful and it makes my heart feel good to see this here...I feel blessed with this gem that I've stumbled across in internet land. Hope all is well, my friend.

Ambra Premo

Gtemma said...

I think the scarf ones are my fave.. but I kinda have a thing for scarves! Awesome pics!! You are one talented lady! :)