New Things

On Thursday night, I was in the bread aisle at the grocery store for way too long.  All I was trying to do was find a loaf of bread that only had the ingredients in it that you actually need to make a loaf of bread happen.  Here's what I discovered.  It's impossible.  I finally thought I found the winner winner chicken dinner but then...then I saw "raisin juice concentrate" in the list.  Ummm.  First of all, what is raisin juice concentrate?  Wouldn't that just be grape juice?  I'm confused about that.  Second of all, why would a person need raisin juice concentrate in their bread?  I don't need any concentrate in my bread. 

I left the grocery store without bread. 

I'm spoiled. 

I'm spoiled because Momma Debi is probably one of the best homemade bread makers around.  And, she's come up with this whole grain loaf that has no white sugar.  Just honey.  She also grinds the wheat that Dad-o raises to make her own flour and uses flax that Dad-o also raised.  Then, she also adds some oatmeal and butter and yeast.  Dad-o does not grow those things.  But, they are still real things.  I've been spoiled by this really amazing, nothing weird in it, bread.   

On the way home from the grocery store, I called Momma Debi and ranted about raisin juice concentrate and a bunch of things that end in -ide and because she's the mom she is, yesterday, while I was at work, she dropped off a loaf of real bread at my house.  Then, last night, she promptly told me that I could learn how to make that bread myself.  I promptly told her that I don't have any bread pans.  Or the wire rack thingy you put the bread on.  Or flax.  Or a rolling pin.  Or a way to grind wheat.

I have a feeling I will be receiving all of the above items because she won't be my bread lady forever.  She's like that as a mom...she'll spoil us for a bit and then she cuts.it.off.  Something about roots and wings maybe?      

I also have a feeling I will need a hands on lesson in how to turn these ingredients...

into this...

And, then have it all become this at the end.  Mine will never look this perfect.  In the kitchen, I'm really only good at chopping vegetables. 

But, I'm going to learn.  I'm going to learn how to make real bread.  Because, I do not need raisin juice concentrate in my bread. 

I'm also going to run a half marathon in May.  I figure if I actually write that down, it's real and I can't back out.  So, there you have it.  A couple of new things.   


Kathy said...

Looks very yummy!!
I have no doubt that you will someday be the bread maker that your mom is today!! It just takes time and patience!! You my dear, will succeed at anything you try!

Jessie B. said...

I wonder if Momma Debi's bread recipe would work in a bread machine??? I don't think I could possible do this by hand :)If so I would LOVE the recipe, it sounds SO good!
Also, this half marathon is going to be a walk in the park for you!! So proud and happy for you :)

Makenzie Hennessy said...

First...That bread look scrumptious!!!

Second...Awesome on the half marathon!! Are you running Fargo?? Fargo does an AWESOME job with their race. I'm planning on running the 10K this year!

Amy said...

Kenz...yes doing the one in Fargo. :)