Texting and Starbucks

A few minutes ago, I texted my mom..."You donkey kicking today?" because I like to say ridiculous things to people at random times. 

She replied..."Just half - a**ed." 

Ahhh, oh how I love Momma Debi's sense of humor. 

Then she texted me..."Have you taken down your Christmas tree yet?" 

I replied..."Yes.  Do you know me?"

Then she wrote..."Well, I bought this fancy new tree bag to store our tree in and after I got ours all loaded up, I realized it wasn't working so I got all the old boxes out and had to tape them together.  I wasted my money and now I have this huge wonderful bag!!! {I sensed some sarcasm here}  I was hoping you could use it." 

I replied..."Well, my tree is in nine big black garbage bags in my basement so I think I could use it."

Then she wrote..."Oh that would be good.  U can have it."  

I replied..."Yeah!  Yeah!  Tree bag for me!"  

Then she wrote..."How was your day?" 

Please tell me that others of you out there have texting conversations like this with your mom. 

Because I'm all about random right now...

Earlier today, as in much, much earlier when it was still dark out and my mascara was fresh, I met a few friends at Sbucks for some hot coffee.  Today was an inservice day for all of our district and that meant I didn't have to travel out to my school which meant I had time for a pre-work coffee date.  I arrived first and felt it was totally appropriate to take pictures while sitting in the big comfy chair. 

I knew once the few friends arrived, there would be no more of that.  No time.  No time.  You see, the few friends and I love to shout out a "Hey HEY Hey!!" to people and then proceed to harrass them for a bit real early in the morning when all they want is some coffee.  It's our idea of a fun and it's become an inservice day tradition.   

Yes, a little Sbucks meet-greet-laugh session is a sure way to start your day off on the right foot.  Then, to look up from your comfy chair and see four of your photographs hanging on the wall...

Well, that just guarantees the good factor for the day. 


Tina said...

So I know you are so very humble and don't like to share certain things about yourself, but how did your amazing pics show up at the Bucks? Do you have the inside track there? How did they find out about your talent? OK going back to my Amy fix.... =)

Lisa K. said...

Woohoo! for your pics on that wall! You're going to have to fill us in on how they got there. Very nice!

Danica said...

1. Yes. My mom and I have crazy texting conversations as well. I love it!
2. Congrats on the pics in Starbucks! That is awesome! You have a gift for it :)
3. I am still loving your blog. I think we could be very good friends indeed :)