Pretending...Round Seven

I figure seven is a good number to end this stint of pretending I've been doing.  Seven just feels right.  After this, it's time for me start to living in the moment and taking pictures of the snow, ice, and and frozen nostril hairs.  Yesterday, I was distracted by my off the wall texting conversation with Momma Debi, but today I'm all about ignoring real life for the next little bit.   

Last, but certainly not least are my little Owen and Emma.  I refer to them as mine because I consider them my niece and nephew.  As I've said before, their Mama and I have lived many important moments together like singing karaoke at the top of our lungs in an Eagle's Club full of the elderly.  Owen and Emma don't have "real" aunts and uncles because both of their parents are only children but I am their aunt.

I love when I hear them say, "Amy is funnnn!!" when I turn sorting/folding their socks into a game full of belly laughs.  I also love when I hear them say, "I'm a good helper" when I'm teaching them how to cut a green pepper with some kitchen dancing thrown in {I had the knife...don't worry}.  I feel I need to be their crazy aunt.  It's a part of my life and always will be.  

Last fall, their grandma needed some pictures of them drinking Greenzymes for a contest and I couldn't say no.  She asked when I was literally running twenty hours a day, but taking the time to drive out to the little town I'm from to spend a half an hour playing with my Owen and Emma was good medicine for my busy, slightly stressed heart at that time.  

Even with green stuff all over, those faces are just down right cute.  And, I'm so thankful I get to be the crazy aunt in those two little lives. 

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! I had to laugh about the singing. Remember we went to the VFW first, and then the record stopped when we asked about karaoke. We quickly got the heck out of there!

Owen and Emma are so lucky to have a CRAZY aunt like you! Especially since they have such a "normal" mommy! (HA) Love ya!