Pretending...Round One

It's cold here.  It's actually quite cold.  But, I tend to be a "yes, we live here and yes, it's going to be cold and yes, it happens every year so get over it" kind of person.  Which translates to this...I pretend it's fine.  I ignore the cold.  I ignore it just like you do to a telemarketer and a mosquito because I have fully decided if you just choose to ignore something...it tends to not bother you.

With that said.  I'm craving a little summer right now.  My mind keeps wandering to bare feet, fresh veggies, long-still sunny out evenings, the smell of grass or really even the smell of anything that's alive outdoors, and freedom from coats-hats-mittens.  Right now, I'm going to do the opposite of ignore these wanderings; I'm choosing to embrace instead.  Because, a few of my early fall photo sessions have not been shared with you all yet.  I became rather slammed with my time and was running, running, running with very little breathing room.  Between teaching the chicken wings, taking more pictures, and editing the already taken pictures so
the people could get their hands on them, I had to let a few slide by without being blogged.  Actually, I'm thinking this worked out peachy for all of us because during the next five or ten minutes while you look through these, you can pretend it's not so cold out that your nose hairs freeze.  And, get excited because I have enough to last all week.  

Here's what I like to refer to as...

Pretending it is not January in North Dakota :: Round One

The Schelling crew.  Karen is one of my b-f-f-s.  I forget that she's not my sister.  And, sometimes managers are called us in Sam's Club because of how noisy we are.  That sums up our friendship rather nicely.  Her husband is one of the most patient people ever.  He has to be.  They have two girls.  I call them Sugar and Spice and I'll go out on a limb and say you will be able to tell just by looking at the pictures which one is Sugar and which one is Spice.  

Spice proved to be a bit of handful to capture and the problem is...she's funny.  The kind of funny that made me laugh so hard I couldn't hold the camera still.  Therefore, she's hard to get upset with.  Funny.  It's going to take that girl places and keep her out of trouble.   

And, really I have no idea where on Earth she would ever get it from? 

As I said before, Chris has the patience of a mail man.  His ridiculous tolerance meter runs on the high side and it's a good thing Karen found him in life. 

Together they all equal a crazy fun family.  Now, don't you feel a bit better after pretending this just happened last week?  But, don't be walking out your door without a coat on; I take no responsibility for frozen limbs and nose hairs.   

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