Yesterday, I Loved You

Yesterday will be added to my list of favorite days.  Right in between that one time and that other time.   

Sister Pister graduated from high school. 

The sun was shining.

Her speech went off without a hitch.

The party was a smash.

Decorations reflected the mix of glitter and country which is my sister.

The food was delicious; including homemade buns by Momma Debi.  Yes, she spent Saturday making 250 buns.  Along with salads and scotcheroo bites and roast beef.  Well actually Dad-o did up the roast beef but still.  And many other people contributed other salads and treats.  For goodness sake, that sister-in-law of mine made 320 mini completely from scratch cupcakes.  I can sum it up best in the words of crazy Karen, "You guys sure put on a good feed."  It's probably not the classiest way to say it but if the shoe fits.  

We successfully took a family photo. 

This is a feat. When you have my brother for a brother, this is a feat.   

So sometimes we just go with the girls.  Because it's easier. 

Kids ran free on the farm.

People let loose and laughed.

I wore too much jewelry and loved it so much I could have ate it.

Momma Debi enjoyed being able to slow down and visit with her best friend Kathy.  Here's where I should tell you all three are named Kathy.  Leave it to Momma D. to make her life easier and not have to worry about remembering names. 

Sister Pister shined.  Which is what you should do when it's your celebration.

So yesterday?  I loved yesterday.  It's added to the list of favorites.  And believe me there's more to come about the day in which my little sister walked across the stage.  A girl has to break the greatness of Sunday into a couple trains of thought.    


Sandy said...

Looks like a top 5 kind of day. It was great for me to see family and friends -- happy and celebrating life, joy, and Emily. Wish I could have been there.

Sara said...

The family....the decorations....the love! WOW!

Momma Debi and Dad-o said...

It was a great day, even though I have to admit it was a day I was dreading a little bit. I think I was in somewhat, who am I kidding, I was in total denial of it ever coming. I can’t believe our “baby” has graduated. After all, its been eleven years since the last graduation, and it will be thirty one years since we have not had kids in this house when Emily heads to college this fall. We are so proud of Emily and her accomplishments so far in life and am sure she will have many more and bigger things coming her way ahead. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day a success.

Brittany Miller said...

Fabulous decorations, Amy! Your family picture looks lovely. And I want to eat your jewelry AND baby Hazel!

Brittany Miller said...

Fabulous decorations, Amy! Your family picture looks lovely. And I want to eat your jewelry AND baby Hazel!